By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Dog Owner’s Love Letter To The Neighbor’s Cat Will Give You (Funny) Feels.

You never want to tell strangers how to decorate their home, except when it gets in the way of true love. One dog owner had the difficult and somewhat embarrassing task of asking her neighbour to kindly move her newly-placed plants to another part of the house. The reason why? Puppy Love.

The greenery covered a vantage point where one canine was able to see his crush, the neighbor's cat. The author of the note revealed to the cat-owner how her dog had been “madly in love” with the fur ball for about six months. The sad, love-struck animal kept looking out the window only to be disappointed to see greenery. The letter was taped on the neighbour’s window, in the hopes for the person in the home would take pity on a heartbroken pup.

Playing cupid, the neighbor not only removed the plants but also put up a handwritten response as well. We hope the two humans made plans for the cat and dog to finally meet face-to-face. Maybe a walk to the park is in the near future.

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Source: The Toronto Pet Daily