By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This ‘Apocalyptic’ Cloud Over Costa Rica Is Baffling The Internet… Some People Are Getting Scared.

There are some things that sound great in theory, but when they really happen are kind of...terrifying.

The sky opening up and showing us a glimpse of the heavens in all of it's colorful, majestic glory sounds like an amazing experience. However, when it actually happened to people in Escazu, Costa Rica, it was actually kind of horrifying. What's going on in this video? Who can explain this gorgeous yet slightly uncomfortable phenomenon? Here's what the uploader had to say about it:

Today, in Escazu Costa Rica - the skies opened up as if it were the end of times - It was truly a beautiful glimpse of what our God has in store for us on the day he comes back.

Check out the video below. Gulp if you must.

A bicyclist filmed something very unusual in the open sky.

Source: Jessielou121