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These Sisters Are "Polar Opposites" And Now They're Twitter Famous.

Some say that the bond between sisters is far stronger than the one formed with friends. One might even describe the relationship as magical. Having a brother or a sister is really cool. You get to go to the same school, the same classes, perform the same activities and even share the same circle of friends. And let’s not forget that you always have someone to turn to for advice or a 50/50 shot of being a kidney match in case one of you needs one. But some siblings are as different as night and day. Just ask Alexandria Bishop and Jessica Toutant who are going viral on Twitter for being complete opposites.

25-year-old Alexandria Bishop is a straight-haired brunette who wears glasses and looks totally serious.

But her 33-year-old sister, Jessica Toutant has wavy rainbow-colored hair and has no issues smiling. But their dissimilarities didn’t end with their physical appearance. So, Alexandria decided to create a Twitter thread showing why she thinks she and her sister are polar opposites.

25-year-old Alexandria Bishop is a straight-haired brunette who wears glasses and looks totally serious.

@aalexandriabish / Twitter

In one split-screen tweet, Alexandria showed how different their homes looked on the outside.

“My sister and I are polar opposites,” she tweeted, adding, “Her home vs mine.” While Jessica had a few adorable unicorn floaties in a kiddie pool and a multi-colored fence, Alexandria had a typical front door colored in white with a doormat that reads, “Go Away.”

Then Alexandria posted a photo of herself and Jessica where she looks magical while Alex is positively wicked.

Jessica looks cheerful as she dons blue Minnie Mouse Ears while on a trip to Disneyland while Alexandria looks more like an evil enchantress.

But it doesn't end there! The sisters seem to pick total opposite outfits when they're playing dress up too.

She posted a few photos that also show Jessica wearing a Tinkerbell-type getup while Alexandria is sending some major Elvira-inspired vibes in that black dress.

You could say that one sister is all about bubbly bold colors and glitter while the other sister is none of that.

“My sister’s living room vs my living room,” tweeted Alexandria. The bright green wall and colorful couch and décor belong to Jessica while the living room containing multi-faceted art and black and brown colors obviously belonged to Alexandria.

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