By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

17 Insanely Weird Photos That You’ll Have To Look At Twice To Understand.

José María Rodriguez Madoz, better known as Chema Madoz, is a brilliant artist who has an amazing ability to take deceptively simple photographs that still tease the mind and offer a fresh perspective to the beholder. His black and white photos are the prefect mix of optical illusion and hint of quirkiness. The artist admits he is obsessed with precision that clearly displays itself in the neat and almost impeccable shots.

Born in Spain, Madoz studied Art History at the University of Madrid. It was during his studies that he discovered photography.

His pictures are carefully staged to create a metaphor and a double meaning. His prints are not titled. It appears Madoz has manipulated the images to a certain point while leaving his audience to use its imagination to complete the story.

His work has been recognized with important awards from the Kodak Spain Prize to the Higasikawa Overseas Photographer from Japan.

You can follow the surreal photographer on Facebook.

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