By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Garden Shed Is Hiding A $50,000 Secret… When You Peek Inside You’ll Drool.

I'm from the midwest, and in the more rural parts of this portion of the country, having a shed in your backyard is pretty common. Behind the house or next to the garage, these sheds are usually used for extra storage, a place to keep the tractor and tools when they're not in use.

This particular shed looks like that kind of shed -- but inside, it's so much more.

Builder and DIY'er Ashley Yeates is the man responsible for this amazing idea, and his execution of it is beyond reproach. What looks like a perfectly normal (and even slightly unimpressive) shed from the outside has plenty of surprises within. See the images below, and prepare yourself for a major surprise.

Here's the plan for the shed -- it looks pretty unremarkable, right?

In its early building stages, it's identical to your typical storage shed.

There are basic walls...

...wooden beams...

...and a lighting system installed within.

Yeates gave it a few interesting (and adorable) touches on the outside.

But all in all, it's a pretty typical shed. But after his renovations of the interior were complete... became something else altogether: A mini movie theater.

The windowless space makes the perfect environment to screen a movie.

The plush seats also look pretty comfortable to kick back in.

Yeates really thought of everything, didn't he?

There's an entire wall of films to choose from.

The screen is pretty large, too.

Just think: With a little ingenuity and some time on your hands, you could have a private screening theater of your very own -- and all inside an ordinary shed.

Source: Design You Trust