Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

18 Pictures Of Ordinary Things That Are Fascinating To Look At.

The world is full of ordinary things that can quickly become extraordinary in the blink of an eye. So, if you’re looking for the most bizarre things in the world, you won’t have to go very far to find them. It could be the weirdest foods or the most bizarre photos. It’s safe to say that our lives are full of crazy things that are worth a gander. But you have to really look because a new angle and different perspective on things can really make you see the world differently. Just look at these photos which may seem ordinary, but the stories behind them aren’t.

At a glance it seems obvious that this artwork was chiseled into some sort of white stone.

Perhaps it was sketched with pencils. The more you try to imagine what this is, the further you get from the truth. It was actually made by folding and creasing the paper. It seemed incredibly time consuming and difficult.

At a glance, it might seem like this tourist is floating outside of that building while checking his phone.

But if you cover the shadow and look at the picture again, you’ll notice that he’s standing on a slope and the shadow was cast by something else. But the illusion made it seem like he was floating in mid-air like Superman.

Doctors always tell their patients to remain still while they’re taking an X-ray of their bodies.

But have you ever wondered why that is? Well, if you look at the image, you can see what happened when this patient sneezed. Their X-ray became so distorted that it looked like some sort of mutation from a “Resident Evil” game.

When wildlife experts first saw this orange bird, they assumed they had discovered a new species.

Well, as savvy as the experts were, they were also absolutely wrong. This bird is obviously pretty, but it’s also an ordinary seagull. So, what’s up with the color? Well, it turns out that it is completely covered in curry.

Clouds are pretty common, but perfectly striped clouds across the sky are rather unusual.

This would make an amazing book cover. The clouds are so symmetrical, it really is a rare phenomenon. So glad someone had a camera handy.

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