Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

25 Makeup Battle Stations That Will Inspire You To Organize.

A makeup battle station is the one place where you and your beauty can really blossom. But sometimes, your makeup spot has to be as equally as stunning as you are. After all, your vanity station has to be warm and welcoming, because who wants to put on their face in a messy environment? A clutter-free zone can ensure that your makeup comes out looking superior and pristine. So, from serene to wistful white, here are some vanities with an array of different concepts that can show you a whole new way of storing all of your beauty related products.

#1. All hands to battle stations, as in... makeup battle station that is!

When It comes to makeup, vanities and organization are your first line of defense before you go out and face the world. Personally, this one's satisfying to look at because it's brighter and cheerful. Plus, that aqua rug is life, sister!

#2. Okay, is this Wonder Woman's makeup table, or what?

It's got everything from a mirrored dressing table to acrylic organizers. It reminds us a bit of a makeup station inside a movie star's dressing room, doesn't it?

#3. When this house was built, the homeowners felt that makeup battle station was a must.

There's something elegant about it, but not too over the top. Oh, and we love that mirror and the style of that tile wall, and that T-chair that you simply don't know if you should pet or sit in.

#4. You can literally embrace the vanity of a Broadway star with this theater style mirror.

Because when you want to look your best, you want to make sure that all the makeup you're putting on looks good in any light.

#5. Sometimes the best type of makeup battle station is one that is super simple.

It looks almost like the kind of thing you'd come to expect from a beauty salon, and that chair looks super comfy. Even that gray bathroom rug is cool in case you accidentally drop some makeup, it won't damage the actual carpet.

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