Camila VillafaƱe

By Camila VillafaƱe

LifeBuzz Staff

25 Makeup Battle Stations That Will Inspire You To Organize.

#11. Time to move out of the bathroom and relocate everything to a vanity table.

Bathroom sinks are often crowded with makeup, and you have your husband and kids mixing their stuff with yours. At least this way, you can have your own vanity table. Plus, it's more organized and we simply love the polished, matte dark wood.

#12. When you have the makeup station set up, you feel like you've won a million bucks.

It looks amazing! That lighting is studio-worthy! And the cabinets are bound to hold plenty of the products that you'll need to look pretty. The only thing missing is a super comfy chair to finish off that luxurious look.

#13. This was a one-year anniversary gift from a girl's boyfriend, and it's a keeper!

So is he if he continues buying things like this vanity that looks this cool. There's plenty of storage in this vanity, and it looks like the stool doubles as extra storage too. Beautiful job on the boyfriend's part.

#14. Even professionals need a makeup battle station that's easy to use and free of clutter.

At the Theatrical Supply Co., one makeup artist decided that fixing the shelves and reorganizing was a hurdle that had to be tackled carefully. Now they can bank on a station that's a theater makeup artist's dream come true.

#15. This new makeup corner with a view of the city is simply sublime.

Love the glass top, just like everything else, including those nifty looking side trays. There's something peaceful about the whole set-up and location. Plus, the window provides great lighting first thing in the morning.

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