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LifeBuzz Staff

Asian Brides Are Turning Traditional Kimonos Into Awesome Wedding Dresses.

Staff at the Oriental Wasou are fans of the traditional kimono.

On their official site, the creators wrote that their mission is "to keep, and expand our traditional history of long-sleeved kimono."

The transformed furisode saves an outfit change.

Some Japanese brides get married in a shiromuku, or all-white kimono used in Shinto ceremonies. More and more Japanese women, however, opt for a Western-style wedding and incorporate an outfit change or two to showcase traditional kimonos.

Here's a bride in the oriental wasou next to a kimono-clad groom.

The groom is dressed in a semi-formal outfit called a montsukihakama. Some viewers admit that they were skeptical of the idea of a sleeveless bridal dress made from a furisode but were surprisingly pleased with the results and how well it paired with the hakama.

The oriental wasou also works well with a suit or tuxedo.

Which do you prefer alongside the oriental wasou, a suit or a hakama? Both examples are plain in color, which make it much easier to match with the bridal gown.

The back detail includes the obi or waist sash.

If you've ever tried on a kimono, you know that there are many layers and details. Having a professional dress you is customary as there are many steps.

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