By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Scientists Have Just Invented An Origami Robot That Can Do Just About ANYTHING.

Separately, origami and robots are just about the two most interesting pastimes/hobbies/curiosities that there are. Together, they make the world's coolest little machine.

Scientists at MIT have just shared their newest innovation: A teeny tiny robot capable of folding itself into a piece of origami. It's called the Untethered Miniature Origami Robot, and it's only 1.7 square centimeters. Researches hope that with future developments, a dissolvable version of this robot could be used in a medical setting: In other words, this little guy could travel into a human body, cure what ails it, and dissolve without a trace.

For now, the prototype is still pretty incredible. The small robot powers itself via neodymium magnet and four electromagnetic coils, which give it a tremendous range of motion. You're not going to believe how many tricks it can do.

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Source: IEEE Spectrum