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She Saved This Wallaby Two Years Ago… Today She Got The Best ‘Thank You’ Ever.

An orphaned wallaby went home to introduce her baby to her human family. Reddit user Retaboop recently posted a photo of new mama, Mirabooka with her joey. Mirabooka was orphaned two years ago when she was only five months old and her mother was killed after being hit by a car. Retaboop nursed Mirabooka along with other foster animals.

Wallabies are related to kangaroos but much smaller. Retaboop named the baby Rookie. Based in Australia, she has raised wallabies from her home for the past six years, but Mirabooka is the only in her species that knocks on the door when she visits. Retaboop raised a good kid.

Mirabooka bringing her joey Rookie home.

Retaboop said Mirabooka was gone for a couple of weeks. She returned to introduce her boyfriend and weeks after that she had a baby.

Retaboop said about Rookie and Mirabooka, "it's been pretty special watching him grow from a tiny pink thing to what he is now. She's a good mum."

The Aussie rehabilitates wallabies and releases them into the wild.

The wallabies are sent on a 'soft release,' allowing the animals to return to their human home if they ever need help.

Mirabooka spent time at home when Rookie was learning to hop. "I think she wanted him to be in a safe place when he was learning," Retaboop commented.

Retaboop admits that the male wallabies tend to leave once they get older while the females always return to visit.

Source: reddit