By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

7 Celebrities Drawn With Their Younger Selves. The Twist In Each Painting Is So Clever.

You've seen current photos of your favorite celebrities, and probably a few photos of them when they were young. But until now, you probably haven't seen an image of the same celeb, young and old, actually standing together.

Columbian artist Fulvio Obregon has combined the young and old in his collection of illustrations. His series is called "Me & My Other Me," and it features some of the world's most famous icons standing next to their former selves. And there's a hilarious touch in each photo - can you pick up on the jokes of what these stars (and former stars) are wearing?

Michael Jackson

Al Pacino

Steve Jobs

Paul McCartney

Robert De Niro

Bill Gates

Mick Jagger

This artist carved his favorite celebrities into pumpkins.

Source: Fulvio Obregon