By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Watch This Woman Getting Smothered With Otter Kisses, By 0:09 You’ll Be Jealous.

Stephanie Arne is a wildlife educator and adventurer, going all over the world in search of new animals to learn about and share with others. She's also the host of the legendary Wild Kingdom TV show, which has been on the air for years.

Recently, Arne and Wild Kingdom traveled to Southern California to a place called Nurtured By Nature. The non-profit allows people, particularly sick children, to interact with animals one-on-one. Arne got a chance to swim with a group of otters, and it basically the happiest few seconds of video to ever grace the Internet. After watching, you're going to want to visit these overjoyed otters as soon as possible.

These otters get so excited when they see the zookeeper.

Source: nurturedbynature1