By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

He Turned An Old Tire Into A Stylish Home Décor Accessory, The Before And After Photos Are Incredible.

There are plenty of great reasons to upcycle the old things you have lying around your house: It cuts down on waste, recycles things that would otherwise be forgotten, and puts your creative brain to good use. There's also the practical side of upcycling: Sometimes, you make things that are so extraordinarily useful, you wonder where they've been all your life.

Such is the case with this amazing upcycled tire. It might not look like much to begin with, but when you see what it turns into, you're going to want one for yourself.

You start off with a relatively unimpressive supply list: A tire, wood cut into circles, rope, screws, a screwdriver, a glue gun, a drill, a cloth, a brush, and a jar of sealant.

Make sure the rope is clean before drilling three holes in the wood. Cut the holes deep enough to pierce the tire.

Use screws to secure the wood to the tire.

Secure one end of the rope to the very center of the wood with the glue gun.Begin the gluing process by securing one end of the rope to the very center of the wood with the glue gun.

Coil the rope around the center of the tire, applying glue each round and pressing it down. Do this until the rope is totally secure.

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