By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

26 Life-Saving Party Hacks That You Need To Know Before The Summer.

The season of barbecues, cook-outs, and al fresco dining is upon us. You might think of yourself as the Master Griller and Party Commander, but the truth is, everyone's parties could use a little improvement. Here, we've put together some amazing hacks so that your next outdoor shindig will be your biggest hit yet - trust us when we say that everyone loves a burger bar.

#1. Know your measurements.

The lines on a red Solo cup aren't merely there for aesthetics. Check out this handy guide to learn how to pour an excellent barbecue libation.

#2. Make a S'mores bar.

There is absolutely no barbecue guest on the entire planet who won't appreciate this clever hack - and it sure beats trying to build a bonfire.

#3. Scent your charcoal.

A few springs of rosemary will have your grill smelling great - and will flavor your meat nicely as well.

#4. Keep drinks cool in a wheelbarrow.

It looks charming, and you can also roll it over to people who are too lazy - or too drunk - to get a drink themselves.

#5. Illuminate your backyard.

Turn a plain backyard into a party backyard with some string lights.

#6. Keep your wine chilled with frozen fruit.

Your wine won't get watered down, and the look of a wine glass filled with fruit is an elegant touch.

#7. Use peppers to serve dips.

This great idea feeds into the notion that the less dishes you have, the better.

#8. Have a burger bar.

This is a great way to easily serve burgers to the masses - everyone simply helps themselves.

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