By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Artist Wanted To Say Something About Identity… So He Asked Them To Swap Clothes.

Does your grandparent or parent have a closet full of awesome clothes and an epic sense of style to go with it? The truth is, becoming a parenting (or grandparenting) isn't just for the frumpy and frazzled. Plenty of aging grand-moms-and-dads have awesome sartorial sense - even if it's not exactly on trend.

Photographer Qozop recognized that, and decided to convince parents and grandparents from four different Asian countries to swap clothes with their kin. The idea behind it stemmed from the observation that Asian countries are much more Westernized than they were in past generations. Though the youth might have embraced modern street style, older generations still dress in traditional, ethnic garb.

Check out the photos below for a trippy take on past and present - We totally dig the 'fits on both the Chinese mother and daughter.

Chinese grandfather and grandson

Chinese mother and daughter

Malay mother and daughter

Chinese grandmother and granddaughter

Malay grandfather and grandson

Indian grandfather and grandson

Indian grandmother and granddaughter