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Why Do People Have ‘Outie’ Belly Buttons?

The idea and appearance of any belly buttons can be strange. Part of the reason for this is because of the belly button's isolated location. It isn't in a place that we can easily look at, and so when we start to examine our own, it might look a little weird. Another thing is that it isn't smooth like the rest of our bodies.

And then there's the question 'are you an innie or an outie?' that kids might ask in grade school.

An estimated 90% of all people have innies, which means that 10% are left with outies. Some sources say the number of people with outies is even lower. But how do people get them?

Shortly after we are born, our umbilical cord, which was used to transport nutrients from the mother to the baby during pregnancy, is cut. Many people believe that an outie can be formed when a doctor cuts the umbilical cord a certain way or at a certain distance, but there is no evidence that proves this to be true. An outie bellybutton forms from extra scar tissue or an umbilical hernia, when stomach muscles do not fuse back together properly.

In general, there are no health differences caused by an innie or outie bellybutton. If you feel pain in that area, however, there is a small possibility of incarceration, when abdominal matter gets stuck in the hernia, so make sure to get it checked by your doctor.

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How Outies Are Formed

Outies can be formed after the umbilical cord is cut. The 'bump' that you associate with an outie is usually extra scar tissue or an umbilical hernia.

How Outies Are Formed

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Outies Are Cleaner Than Innies

Even though innies are more common, people with outies are thought to have cleaner bellybuttons because they are less likely to build up lint, dirt, and bacteria.

Outies Are Cleaner Than Innies


Stars With Outies

Up and coming fashion model and TV personality Gigi Hadid has an outie and isn't afraid to show it.

Stars With Outies


Wouldn't it be great if we could stop ostracizing people with outies? Some kids have reported being teased for their belly buttons.

Lindsay Brown

Remember this beauty from Robin Thicke's controversial song and video Blurred Lines? It's actress and model Emily Ratajkowski.

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