Huong Ngo

By Huong Ngo

LifeBuzz Staff

24 Over-The-Top Moms Who Took Parenting Way Too Far.

Everyone loves their mom... mostly. Technically speaking, we're in debt to them. They did, after all, give birth to us. And immediately after, nurtured and raised us into the awesome individuals we are today.

But sometimes, moms can be a little over the top. They think they're funnier than they are. They overreact to certain situations. And they're just, well, doing too much.

But no matter how over the top they may be, we can't help but love them... No matter how embarrassing they are.

#1. What happens when you ask your mom for a cool bookmark.

Yes, that is a photo of this poor kid's mom.

#2. When your mom works for a box factory.

Your childhood is pretty much doomed.

#3. Sometimes moms just love to show off their children.

And they don't know when they've crossed a line... or do they?

Sometimes moms just love to show off their children.

#4. When your mom sends you an email with the subject "She won the contest."

And this is what you find when you open it.

#5. "Alright mom, I get it."

"You're the world's greatest mother, now knock it off."

"Alright mom, I get it."

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