By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

They Fertilized Their Garden… But They Didn’t Expect THIS To Happen.

When you see oversized fruits and vegetables in a grocery store, your first instinct should be to steer clear of them. Usually, large sizes mean that the fruit or veggie has been genetically modified, and are often quite tasteless.

However, any experienced home gardener will tell you that when it comes to growing veggies and fruits yourself, it's perfectly normal - and pretty awesome - to get a humongous piece of produce from time to time. In fact, it's all part of Mother Nature's complex and fascinating game.

Now, some of these gigantic garden spoils are perfectly delicious - for examply, the size of a carrot likely won't affect it's taste. Some have been left on the vine for too long, and probably taste like nothing - I'm looking at you, tomato. Still, they're all pretty epic to behold. The giant pear looks like such a boss.

One of these grapes could be your entire snack.

This tomato could be watery, but depending on the variety, it could also be delicious.

I always say that you can never have too much garlic.

An onion the size of a baby's head.

If this apple isn't too mealy, you could easily share it with a few of your friends.


You could probably live in this pumpkin.

I hope this potato doesn't get bullied for being different.

Such a beautiful sight to behold.

This pear is going to be Pearsident someday.

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