By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

They Hid A GoPro In The Garden And Caught The Owls Doing THIS.

Controversial opinion: Owls are by far the superior members of the bird community. There's just something about their subtle side-eyes and their long and judgmental gazes that give them a one-up to the rest of the avian species.

These two burrowing owls have taken awesomeness to a new level in this video. While being filmed by wildlife photographer Megan Lorenz, these two owls wait until all the humans are out of sight to get serious about their moves, providing the camera with some head work that is more compelling than the dancing in many of the hip-hop videos on MTV today.

One can only hope that these two will get signed by a major label soon: Roc-Owl-Feather Records, I'm looking at you.

Source: GoPro