Krista Miranda

By Krista Miranda

LifeBuzz Staff

Traveling To The Bordeaux Region Of France? Be Sure To Check Out These Owl Cabins.

It's amazing how they were put together.

Strips of curved wood make the exterior. I think the wood gives it the appearance of having feathers.

The roof is absolutely adorable!

The use of shingles adds a nice touch! They definitely give the shelter a bird-like quality.

The inside looks just as beautiful as the outside.

The shelters have three floors, and are connected by ladders. They appear to have quite a bit of room in them.

They can host up to nine people!

Using round beds, the designers utilize the 160 square feet perfectly! I think it's really cute the way they were meant to look like nests.

The owls were built with a pier.

They have a great view that overlooks the wetlands. Even when you're inside, you can connect with nature.

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