By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Simple Travel Hack Will Change The Way You Pack Forever.

At it's best, packing for a vacation can be a huge nuisance, and at it's worst, it's a living nightmare. Once you've whittled your wardrobe down to about 1,276 "necessary items," you have to figure out how to get them all into one suitcase to avoid paying the airline's ridiculous extra baggage fees. Some people roll their clothes, other people insist on folding, and some even put their items in a vacuum-sealable bag to make more space.

Turns out that everyone has been doing it wrong, because this is just about the easiest, most efficient looking pack-hack of all time.

Impressed? We are too. Make sure too bookmark this page to make packing for your next vacation a breeze - and no, you probably don't need to bring that seventh pair of jeans.

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Source: Travel Noire