Huong Ngo

By Huong Ngo

LifeBuzz Staff

DIY Gold Paint Projects That Add Bling To Your Life.

#6. Glided Seashells

If you're the type of person to collect seashells during your beach visits, why not try spray-painting some of them gold. They'll become glamorous coastal accessories that you can place anywhere in the household.

#7. Gold Spoons

If you have any all white objects in your home, they may come off too modern or minimalist. A little gold pain, however, can make a big difference like on these porcelain mini spoons.

#8. Business Cards with a Golden Edge

To give your personal business cards some personality, try gliding the edges of the cards with gold spray paint. They'll definitely make a statement.

#9. Branch Jewelry Holder

Combine a tree branch and some gold spray paint together and you've got yourself a beautiful jewelry organizer! Just paint the branch and attach it to the wall.

#10. Gold Trash Can

Gold paint is so good at turning anything chic, you can even use it on a trashcan! Just spritz it with gold spray paint and voila!

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