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This 16 Year-Old Is Wowing Art Critics With Her Leaves, And She’s Never Taken A Single Class.

Joanna Wirażka is not your typical 16-year-old. The high school student collects leaves from the park and dries them in her books. The self-taught artist, later uses the foliage to delicately paint on them sceneries like the Empire State Building, a galaxy or landscapes.

Wirażka has never taken any formal art classes. Instead, she lets her creativity guide her. “When I paint and draw, I forget everything and let my imagination create new things or just bring new reflections through painting.”

The budding artist does not paint exclusively on leaves, she also uses traditional cloth canvas and paper. The Polish student manages to update her Instagram account with her latest pieces when her homework is not keeping her busy. If Wirażka is not sure what she wants to study when she completes high school, we are confident any art institution would be happy to see her portfolio.

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Next, this artist uses petals as part of her art.

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