By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Baby Panda Doesn’t Care That The Photographer Has A Job To Do.

Pandas are one of the most popular and main attractions at zoos and rescue centres. From an early age they are accustomed to cameras flashing and people flocking to get a glimpse of them.

Sometimes, these animals want people to put their cameras away and just have a playdate with them. In this video, an adorable cub is making sure the photographer gets no work done. While the man is trying to capture a couple of good shots of the pandas, the bear tries to interrupt that session by grabbing and climbing on him.

It may have been a better idea for this guy to just play and cuddle for a little bit; his model might have been more willing to pose for him afterwards. Besides, who wouldn’t want to play with a panda bear?

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Source: เร็วๆซิ มาดูคลิป