By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Watch Panda Enjoying His First Ever Popsicle, His Concentration Is Hilarious.

There are many things one can do to avoid getting overheated in the summer months. Wearing a cool hat, sunglasses, and drinking lots and lots of water. Although, this does not bring instant gratification, it keeps most of us calm and collected as the heat continues to rise.

The worse thing is that we complaint about summer not being here soon enough and once it arrives, we just can’t handle the heat. Yet, there is one thing that brings instant satisfaction on a day when the mercury does not seem to stop rising. Enjoying a nice cold popsicle puts just about anyone in a good mood.

The only challenge that come from eating a popsicle is deciding which flavour to choose. And no one looks as satisfied to eat this delicious treat than an adorable panda bear. We are assuming the fluffy creature is having a vegetable concoction like carrots. Whatever the flavour it is, you have to watch the concentration and joy this panda is putting into his dessert.

Pandas can be so silly sometimes.

Source: SamiLuoRandom Shanghaiist