Here's A Chicken That Wears The Pants In The Family. Literally.

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We have all met those friends who dress their dogs in designer clothes. It’s not enough to put a rhinestone collar but now the canine has to be in a tutu and shoes that are clearly uncomfortable to wear. It’s no wonder these intelligent pets fight off their humans in protest of getting dressed up.

As much as we criticize it though, pets in mini human clothes do look adorable. The clothes enhances the personality these creatures possess. We have seen goats dressed in pyjamas as well as cats and dogs going full green to celebrate St. Patrick’s day.

There is one species who was probably feeling left out in the apparel option department. Not to be outdone a chicken stood out among all the rest when it decided to don a pair of very colourful and stylish blue pants. It’s not clear if the other hens were running away from their friend out of jealousy or because they wanted to know where they could get a pair just like it.

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