By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

It Took Them 70 Years (And Lots Of Crayons) To Make This Video, And It’s A Masterpiece.

An engine goes on an adventure in PES’s latest stop-motion film, Paper. The artist’s newest project is for Honda, which took four months and thousands of illustrations to complete. In the animation, the engine travels through the automakers various models: from motorcycles, boats, sedans, and racecars. The goal is to show the evolution of the brand.

PES aka Adam Pesapane, is not new to this; he received the 2013 Academy Award nomination for his movie, Fresh Guacamole. All the drawings were completed by hand which is appropriate since Honda starts all of their designs and ideas by sketching them out on a piece of paper.

Next, different ingredients for a delicious sandwich.

Source: PESfilm