By Leilani

LifeBuzz Staff

This Guy Made An Origami Crane Every Day Of The Year, The Reason Why Made Me Think.

Artist Cristian Marianciuc, 26, began a year-long paper crane journal on Instagram under the moniker @icarus.mid.air. Some of his cranes have taken hours to craft while others were complete in under thirty minutes. His work is inspiring thousands of people worldwide.

In an exclusive interview, Marianciuc shared his inspiration:

I decided to start a daily project, first of all for myself. To be able to look back at each crane and be able to remember a particular day, something interesting that happened or how I felt, what I listened to, whom I met…

There are two main reasons: the inspiration I found in the story of Sadako Sasaki and a sinking feeling that life was passing me by, that I wasn’t making any new memories and that I had put my creativity on a shelf. Let’s call it my 'quarter life crisis'.

Though paper is but paper, Marianciuc's handcrafted pieces transmit a genuine warmth unseen in many of our modern gadgets.

Scroll down for 12 original works of origami, all of which began in the form of a basic paper crane.

The cranes themselves tell the story, but the setting of the photo and all the various elements I include in taking the photo are a vital part of each crane’s story. -CM

I could write page after page about my days, but, as an exercise in creativity, I resorted to making words secondary in this journal. Colours, textures and light would take centre stage. -CM

Marianciuc is one of eleven children and hails from Siret, a small town in northeastern Romania. In addition to origami, he enjoys baking and has a passion for linguistics. He currently works for a Humanitarian Aid organization in the Republic of Moldova in the field of interpreting and translations. Though his project will officially come to a close in just a few months, he ensures us:

I know that I cannot and could not stop. I am considering continuing what I do, until I reach 1000 cranes. As the legend says, and as Sadako was hoping, folding 1000 origami cranes would grant you a wish.

Source: Cristian Marianciuc