By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

His Crazy Fiancée Said ‘NO’ To A Man Trip… So His Friends Took Him Anyway.

A group of friends from Boston, Massachusetts, wanted to take their friend Kevin out for his birthday. His buddies planned a road trip that would have them spend the weekend in Montreal, Quebec. Unfortunately, the birthday boy’s fiancée didn’t want him to go.

Instead of cancelling their plans, these guys decided to go and still take Kevin with them. The four men had a cardboard copy of Kevin made and drove all the way to Canada with him. Reddit user AteMyWheaties posted the photos of them partying, eating, and working out together. No word yet on how the fiancée feels about cardboard Kevin's escapade.

On the road with Kevin sitting in the back.

Kevin getting ready to go out.

Five friends ready to take in the night.

Kevin getting crowdsurfed.

Cardboard Kevin made new friends.

He was a total gentleman the whole night.

Even the guys wanted to meet this Kevin.

He can explain.

Going out for tacos at 2:00am.

Still had time to work out.

A game of soccer with local residents.

Source: Reddit