By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

It Looks Like Microorganisms In A Science Lab… But It’s So Much More Amazing.

Rogan Brown looks to nature to inspire his artwork. His latest series, Magic Circle, are tiny paper sculptures re-imagined from coral, tree moss, bacteria and other microscopic living cells. Every piece is hand and laser cut to reflect textured, layered, and dimensional microorganisms.

Brown finds the mixture of imaginary and real-world fascinating, making his, “finished work more real and unique.” The tiny and delicate pieces take months to complete. Based in France, Brown loves using paper for his craft as it also speaks to nature’s “fragility and toughness.”

With the environment as his muse, Brown has plenty of material to draw from.

Rogan Browns says he loves to play with nature when it comes to his work.

He applies what he has seen from the environment to create, "hybrid sculptural forms, half real, half surreal."

Science and art are natural partners for Brown.

Science is meant to be studied, analyzed, and classified.

"My work similarly attempts to frustrate categorization," Brown.

Brown describes his artwork as "Scientific Surrealism."

The artist uses a scalpel knife and laser cuts to bring his visions to life.

Source: My Modern Met