By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

His 3D Artwork Is Amazing… But The WAY He Makes It Will Blow Your Mind.

Looking at a crumpled piece of white paper, you mind might automatically conjure up the word "recycling." However, German artist Simon Schubert is known for seeing a lot more.

Inspired by literature, philosophy, and film, and surrealissm, Schubert creates folded paper "drawings," but without the use of any pencil or ink. Using a single sheet of paper, he meticulously folds and creases, until the piece of paper becomes a work of art.

Some of his folded papers portray real places, such as Stadtschloss, a city palace in Berlin. Others are imaginary spaces created by Schubert's imagination.

Check out his amazing work below - and then grab that crumpled piece of paper out of the recycling bin and try it for yourself!

You can see more of Schubert's work on his website.

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