By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

She Cuts Paper With An Exquisite Delicacy That Will Take Your Breath Away.

There are many applications for paper. Everything from writing to origami and cutting out shapes. However, Maude White, a New York based artist, paper serves as a canvass for her incredible talent.

Defining herself as a craftsperson, White has the unique ability to create the most awe inspiring art with the stroke of a knife. White admits to having OCD and acknowledges paper cutting to be a meditative release.

She finds no room to make mistakes or change her mind once she cuts the paper into the creation she imagines. The wrong cut could mean the end of a piece she spent considerable time on.

Her advice to working artists is to never forget their craft which is the basis of all art. The name of her work, Brave Bird, is derived from old British slang where bird meant a young female. She uses ‘brave’ for the type of woman she wants to be.

To follow more of her amazing work, follow her at bravebirdpaperart.

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