By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

He Creates Astonishingly Delicate Art Using Nothing But A REALLY Sharp Knife.

Joe Bagley has revolutionized paper cutting. No more simple snowflakes or the more advanced people holding hands cut-outs which for most of us, is the extent of our talents.

The Boston native has ditched scissors and uses a knife to produce intricate designs like a forest, a butterfly or a couple embracing. Bagley discovered paper cutting at the tender age of 10 when he took an art class that inspired his eventual life-long passion. After showing his mom his sketches, she presented him with a paper-cutting book. Bagley honed his craft by copying each design from the book.

Without any formal training in this art form, Bagley, now armed with a steady hand and surgical precision, challenges himself to make each new piece as finely detailed as possible. The sheer intricacy of his work is mind-blowing. Each creation makes one eager to see the next one.

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