By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

11 Selfish Cats Who Just Don’t Care That You Are Struggling With Paperwork.

Whether it's for your job, bills, taxes, or the endless forms that your child's school sends home, there's no denying the fact that doing paperwork is the absolute worst. It makes your writing hand ache and your desk feel cluttered, and the thought of tackling a massive amount of it is enough to make a grown adult crawl into a fetal position.

And while your paperwork might stress you out, you know who doesn't give a fck about it? Your cat.

That's right: Even if you've got a paperwork to-do list a mile long, your cat has absolutely no fcks to offer you. In a way, they're kind of inspiring: If only us humans could care so little.

Next, if cats could write letters this is what they would say.

Source: The Dodo