Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

Teen Track Star Paralyzed By Car Crash Walks Around Track!

Two years passed since his horrific accident and Tre was now a freshman at Fort Valley State University.

In early April, he shared a video on Twitter which showed him using a walker to walk a lap around a track while his friends cheered him on. In the caption, he wrote: “I’ve dreamed of the day when I would be finally strong enough to go around a track.”

Each step he took in the video was proof that perseverance is the key to overcoming any obstacle.

If anything, he hoped that his actions would inspire others, and it undoubtedly did. Millions of people celebrated Tre’s accomplishment as they watched the footage. But this was just the beginning for Tre.

Tre wants to walk a lap a week and eventually become strong enough to do two and ditch the walker.

There are two things fueling his determination; one is his mom and the other is the memory of his late brother. “I have his picture at my bedside, and he gives me energy,” Tre shared. Given how much drive this young man has, we have no doubt he’ll get to walk without his walker soon!

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