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25 Hilarious Parents Who Have Mastered The Art Of Trolling.

The relationship a parent has with their kids is a special one. How a parent raises their child will determine their perspective and values in life and may even shape the type of person they grow up to be.

But all seriousness aside, the best part of parenting has got to be pranking them. Whether they're crawling around in their diapers, going to their first high school dance ever, or just freshly graduated from college -- you can prank them at ANY age. Of course the best troll parents are the ones who do it consistently as their kids grow up.

Punishing kids can get pretty cruel but humiliating them? What's better than that?

Check out below some of the greatest pranks/trolls parents have pulled on their kids. Some of them really are brilliantly done.

#1. And here we have the mom who found her son's "vase."

Why yes, mom, such a beautiful vase it is.

#2. If you know your kid really wants an iPad for Christmas...

Trick him with a "bazinga" shirt inside of an iPad box!

#3. Socks are for feet ONLY.

How nice of these parents to supply a whole box of tissue paper and multiple bottles of lotion.

#4. When you have more than one kid, you slowly become a parenting expert.

You come up with genius ideas like a "get along" shirt.

#5. One of the perks of having your parents on Facebook is that they see each and every photo you post.

And are given the opportunity to recreate photos like this.

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