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Airbnb Is Offering A Spooky Night In The Creepiest Place On Earth.

“Bienvenue to the bowels of Paris,” reads Airbnb’s website, in an advertisement that encourages people to spend Halloween night sleeping with six million bones, in what is essentially the world's largest graveyard.

It might not sound like the comfiest way to spend and evening, but it would be the kind of situation that would make a perfect Halloween. The contest will award two people the chance to sleep inside --- there will even be a real bed --- and the guests will be able to enjoy exploring the Catacombs before their night of spooky slumber. Would you dare to spend a night here?

There are over six million bones inside the Paris Catacombs.

The walls are lined with skulls and bones, many dating back to the 18th century.

House rules for the Catacombs? Don't follow ghosts through the tunnels, or you may never find the exit.

In fact, a man named Philibert Aspairt lost his way there in 1793. His remains weren't found until 11 years later.

Some of the more famous residents of the tomb include Princess Elisabeth of France and French Revolution leader Maximilien Robespierre. Both died by guillotine.

For Halloween night, Airbnb will convert the Catacombs into a lovely little boudoir for two.

There will be a romantic dinner served, as well as a private concert. It's almost quaint enough to make you want to try to stay there.


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Source: AirBnB