By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

The 19 Funniest Notes (And Potatoes) Ever Left On Car Windshields.

I consider myself a really friendly person. I enjoy spending time with my friends and love my hit of caffeine every morning. However, I become someone completely different when people with limiting parking skills either park too close or take up more than one stall.

On several occasions I have considered waiting for the offender, only to tell them what’s wrong with the way they drive and the sheer insult to the human race they represent. The last part of the previous sentence may have been greatly embellished as I don’t see myself telling anyone off. But in my mind I have taught the offender a life-changing lesson that will reform their parking ways.

It seems bad parking evokes strong emotions in all of us. However, there are a few brilliant minds that have not stooped to anger of confrontation but rather use humour and wit to get their message across. Here are some samples of the very best notes left behind.







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