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23 Times A Passive Aggressive Note Made Everything Feel Better.

I’ve grown to learn that a lot of people have anger management issues. There are various ways to handle one’s anger. Nonetheless, when we break it down to the basics, people are either one of two things: confrontational or non-confrontational. Of course when witnessing a confrontational person express their anger, we get a free show of yelling and dramatic finger pointing. Non-confrontational people, on the other hand, tend to be passive aggressive.

I personally love passive aggressive people, because instead of confronting the issue, they come up with alternate creative methods instead. The 23 following Instagram posts below are all great examples of passive aggressiveness at its prime. #21 is definitely something I need packs of for myself.

1. I hope someone claims it!

Someone is being very passive aggressive about leaving dog poop on the sidewalk.

A photo posted by David Timoteo (@davetomato) on

2. Sounds like free money to me.

3. Looks like your note is the ashtray.

4. Soul threats.

A series: note 1 #passiveagressivenotes

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5. Better keep your family I mean iPod in a safe place.

Damn you, Seabees!!! #passiveagressivenotes #navy

A photo posted by BeeGeehizzle (@dirtyhellhounds) on

6. Eat your carrots folks.

Good thing we grow carrots in the EcoHouse veggie patch.

A photo posted by @aprilseymore on

7. That's a harsh one.

Quick, bring me ALL THE TOILET PAPER #savethekittens #passiveagressivenotes #work

A photo posted by Millie (@millie5293) on

8. Not.

9. I don't know, can you?

#passiveagressivenotes from building management

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10. Looks simple enough.

Passive aggressiveness at the workplace. ☕☕️☕️☕️ #passiveagressivenotes

A photo posted by Reema (@wunderpuss) on

11. You can't go against George Forman's wishes.

#passiveagressivenotes #mcguffin #georgeforeman #officekitchenproblems #agencylife #brookmanoriginal

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12. Sounds like it was a good party.

13. Awww they built a home for him.

Okay, I laughed far harder than I should have. #funny #passiveagressivenotes #stickynotes #toiletpaper #nomoretp #house

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14. Who writes in comic sans font anyways?

15. This will guilt them.


A photo posted by Sarah🎀Jean (@sarahsonford) on

16. Best hotel do not disturb sign ever.

17. Enjoy.

At least I I think I'm funny. Enjoy you greedy bastard #peopleareamazing #merica #passiveagressivenotes #yourgross

A photo posted by Marlo Baldasarra (@mlomoves927) on

18. Love, sweaty guy.

#hurricaneisaac #sweatyguy #magazinestreet #onlyinnola #boxspring #passiveagressivenotes

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19. What goes around comes around.

gotta love #passiveagressivenotes at work

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20. Do you really wanna be one?

#passiveagressivenotes #batman

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21. Genius.


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22. You better hurry before Wednesday morning.

23. I guess he doesn't like the way he parked.

Sorry, bud. 😂 #missouristate #missouristateuniversity #MSU #parking #passiveagressive #passiveagressivenotes

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