By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

15 Great Ideas That Will Make Your Patio Awesome This Summer.

#9. Mexican fiesta

This theme looks great in outdoor spaces, and gives you a reason to serve margaritas at every meal.

#10. Bamboo garden

Try this tranquil look for your patio, and your relaxation time will be blissed out and serene.

#11. Moroccan style

Colorful pillows and blown glass light fixtures are what really make this look special. Sometimes, you can find these types of lights online for incredibly affordable prices.

#12. Stencil vibrant colors

If you're crafty, you can use outdoor paint to stencil different looks on to your patio stones.

#13. Zen patio

If minimalism is your thing, take notes from this zen patio idea that is nothing but a few stones, planks, and plants.

#14. Butterfly garden patio

A warm sunny area and tons of flowers can make an excellent residence for summertime butterflies, who are sure to find their way to your house after you put together this space.

#15. Blue and yellow

Blue like the sky and yellow like the sun, this color scheme works incredibly well in outdoor spaces, especially when contrasted with red brick.

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