By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Diner Leaves HUGE Tip For Waitress… But The Reason Had Me In Tears.

When a New York City waitress clocked into her shift, she probably had a lot on her mind. She was recently served with an eviction notice, and probably had a limited amount of time to move out.

She shared this troubling news with one of her regular customers, a good-natured patron named Mike. Her story reminded him of his former middle school science teacher, a man named Rich Specht, who started a "pay it forward foundation" called after his two-year-old son drowned in a pond on his property.

With his teacher in mind, Mike decided to leave his favorite waitress a 6800% tip - that's about $3,000.

This is a truly heartwarming story, and reminds us all to keep paying it forward when we can. Check out the video below to see more.

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