By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Puppy’s Life Was Saved Because The Kill Shelter Were Too Busy… Look At Him Now.

Yumenosuke is a dog with a very important job: He's a rescue dog, and he's spent much of his life assisting a team in finding survivors in post-earthquake rubble. He's been doing this important job since 2010, when an NGO dedicated to humanitarian relief (Peace Winds Japan) found him at an animal shelter in Hiroshima.

What they didn't realize at the time that Yumenosuke had already been through a crisis of his own. Trembling and afraid, this four-month-old puppy had managed to survive -- Perhaps his past made him stronger and more able to rescue others in their time of crisis. Learn more about Yumenosuke and his story below.

When they found him, this is how he looked. Tiny and afraid, he had already been through so much.

Yumenosuke was schedule to be put down, but his euthanizing was postponed because the gassing facility was one dog too full.

PWJ adopted him along with several other pups that day. They wanted to train him to become a rescue dog.

“Yumenosuke,” because he now had a brighter future -- "yume" means "dream" in Japanese.

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