By Nick

LifeBuzz Staff

This Peacock Spider Dances To YMCA…But His Girlfriend Isn’t Impressed.

The Peacock Spider or Maratus volans does a special mating dance that captures the attention of even us homo sapiens.

To dazzle a female, the male's colorful flap of hairs are raised and dropped. He also makes 'dancing' movements with his arms and some different thumping and vibrating sounds from his abdomen as he approaches her little by little. The dance can last between 4 and 50 minutes, which is a really long time for spiders, especially since the female may not even be interested in mating.

You might be wondering, "why does the female spider look for in the male's dance?" Well, she's basically looking for good genes. The more elaborate the dance is and the brighter his colors, the more attracted she will be to him.

To add to the pressure, if the female spider doesn’t like the male, she’ll attack him, kill and then eat him.

This kind of makes me want to get up and do the YMCA! "Yo man!"

Source: Dario Trovato