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Every Day This Postman Collected Stones… What He Did With Them Is Astonishing.

Ferdinand Cheval spent his career as a French postman with an unusual hobby: After tripping over an unusual stone, Cheval began collecting small stones each day. This wasn't any ordinary collection, either: Cheval used the stones to create the -palace of his dreams.

It's called the "Palais Ideale," and Cheval began construction in 1879. It's located near his home in Drome, France, and the palace is absolutely jaw-dropping. Over the course of 20 years, Cheval used cement, lime, and mortar to piece the stones together into something magical. Today, it stands as one of the most unusual attractions in France.

Here's an early photo of the Palais Ideale.

As you can see, the palace is a wonderland of small and interesting details.

The property has influences from both Christian and Hindu architecture.

It's this architectural combination that makes the Palais Ideale decidedly unique.

And then there's the fact that almost the entire thing is made from stones that he collection on his journeys as a postman -- can you believe it?

Cheval worked day and night on the palace, sometimes building by the light of a single oil lamp.

The location ended up being a great source of inspiration for many surrealist artists.

Even Pablo Picasso is said to have visited the grounds.

In 1969, the palace was declared a cultural and historic landmark in the country.

It's not difficult to see why: This kind of one-man architectural feat doesn't come along every day.

Another interesting fact: When Cheval was in his seventies, he also built a mausoleum using the same techniques. It's quite near the palace, and it's where Cheval was buried in 1924.

Cheval's Ideal Palace is a testament to what can be accomplished when you devote plenty of time and energy to seeing your dreams realized. It's also one of the coolest landmarks we've ever seen.

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