By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

If You Pee Against A Wall In Germany… The Wall Will Extract An Exquisite Revenge.

The Drunk Guy can cause a specific brand of ruckus while intoxicated: He breaks glassware, he hits on you while failing to recognize that he has chicken wing remnants in his teeth, and he falls down at a moment's notice (hopefully without taking you with him).

One of the worst Drunk Guy offenses is the heinous act of public urination. One minute, you're walking down the street, trying to find him a cab. The next, he has unbuckled his belt and is relieving himself on the wall of your favorite local coffee establishment.

When witnessing this, most people just sigh in disgust and pray that their night will soon end- but these people in the St. Pauli neighborhood of Hamburg, Germany decided to fight back.

For Germans, St. Pauli is like Bourbon Street in New Orleans - it's loud, packed with bars, and rife with the brimming bladders of drunk men. The community was fed up with their walls being peed on, so they initiated a project to coat outdoor surfaces with an extreme water-repellent. When peed on, the liquid that hits the surface of these walls shoots back at the offender, much to the surprise (and inebriated confusion) of the Drunk Guy.

It's the best non-violent offense that partygoers could ever hope for - or should we call it a pees de résistance?

Source: IG St. Pauli