By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

He Put Peeps Inside A Vacuum Chamber, And The Result Is Hilarious…

Peeps are one of the most popular candies children receive during Easter. These marshmallow, neon chicks and bunnies are not necessarily the favourite treats, but they are part of the holiday tradition.

YouTube vlogger, Crazy Russian Hacker has opted out of eating the candies. Since he loves to do experiments all the time, it would be fitting Peeps would be his next subjects or victims. The crazy Russian placed the bunnies and chicks in a vacuum chamber, filled it with air and then sucked it out. He also tried the experiment on a larger bunny and chocolate covered marshmallows.

The makers of these sweets might not want to watch this video, we are confident this is not how they intended Peeps to end up. We just hope this Russian did not decide to eat the confectionery afterwards.

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Source: Taras Kul