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They Told Him She’d Go Blind And Deaf. So He Recorded Every Day They Had Left.

When she was born, Pegasus had a pretty bad chance at life. She was bred by a backyard breeder, and all of her siblings either died immediately or were quite deformed. When Dave Meinart rescued her, he was told that she would eventually go deaf and blind.

Dave Meinert

That's when Meinart decided to record every second that he and Pegasus had together. "For me, she had already been born. Nothing was going to change that," Meinert said in an interview. "By rescuing her, at least I could be certain she'd be looked after and not discarded or left to die like many of these dogs when the problems start."

Dave Meinert

Dave Meinert

He filmed Pegasus walking on a treadmill, not sure which day would be her last. Then, something amazing happened. Watch the video below to learn more about this incredible story.

Pegasus is still alive and doing well. In fact, Meinart says she has even befriended another Great Dane. Thanks to Meinart's compassion, this dog's life went from tragic to triumphant.

Dave Meinert

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