By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

This Guy Rescued A Lost Pelican… Then Taught Him How To Pelican.

Jeff Condon is not a bird, he is however, taking the task of teaching a white pelican how to be one. BigBird as he’s been named was rescued by the staff at a safari camp in Lake Tanganyika in Tanzania. Condon believes the pelican was separated from his flock during a storm in 2014.

Within the last year, Condon has taught BigBird how to fly: He literally ran down the beach with arms outstretched. Despite having his flying skills down, the bird did not leave the sanctuary. So now Condon is teaching BigBird how to fish. This is a more challenging task as by nature white pelicans hunt and gather food as a flock. He will need to learn this life skill solo.

Nonetheless, with the help of his adopted family, BigBird is on his way to mastering the art of fishing. Watch this amazing video, you’ll find yourself cheering for the large bird.

This kind human taught a pelican how to fly.

Source: GoPro