By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

You’ve NEVER Seen A Rescued Dog Being Transformed As Powerfully As This. By 1:17 I Was A Wreck.

When a dog is happy or sad, it is reflected in its body language but mostly through its eyes. When Penelope was rescued by the Jason Debus Heigl Foundation two years ago, there was little hope the pup would survive. The 8-month-old was in extreme pain from demodectic mange, a parasite that lives in dog’s hair. She was barely able to lift her head up and had lost most of her fur.

Within days of receiving treatment, Penelope began to improve both physically as well as mentally. It turned out, the canine is a beautiful German Shepherd that is small for her breed but full of energy. Months later, the ‘miracle dog’ was adopted by a loving family. This video is a lesson not to give up on dogs despite illness or abandonment as they are willing to give life and themselves a second chance.

Next, a groomer shaved a homeless dog. You have to see what she discovered underneath all the matted fur.

Source: JasonHeiglFoundation